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With the establishment of the Soroptimist International Foundation, SI will no longer have an International President’s Appeal.    The SI President will lead the Foundation, raising awareness of projects and promoting fundraising through continued Soroptimist members giving, and legacies, grants and other funding sources.

Being awarded charitable status confirms the integrity and intentions of Soroptimist International Foundation, increasing Soroptimist International’s public profile and reinforcing the organisation’s reputation as a force for good in the world.

The Soroptimist International Foundation operates in a similar way to that of previous Soroptimist International Presidents’ Appeals.   However, Soroptimists now have a greater say in what type of projects we should support and fund.   SI wants to hear from you on the issues we can support which will improve the lives of women and girls  -these may be domestic violence, education, health, poverty or homelessness.  The list is endless, so please let us know – email us at and mark your email for the attention of  the Chair Soroptimist International Foundation.

Currently the Soroptimist International Foundation has launched with two projects, although there is limited funding for both projects, hence our call to you to support the work to improve the lives of women and girls across the world.  Please give generously to enable us to continue the work of these vital projects.

1          Education For Women And Girls In or From War-Torn Countries

Education For Women And Girls


In or From


War-Torn Countries

Soroptimist International Foundation has received a donation from SIA Taiwan Region which is specifically for the education of women and girls from or in war-torn countries.

The project criteria are:

  • A war-torn country is defined as a country with internal or external armed conflict.
  • Projects must be in a country defined by SI as part of a Federation.
  • Projects must be educational in their nature.
  • Projects must include a Soroptimist hands-on element, not just providing money and equipment such as books.
  • Projects must include women and girls who are in or have fled from a war-torn country.


Applications for funding for projects that meet the criteria above Education For Women And Girls In or From War-Torn Countries  would be very appreciated.  Click here to download the Expression of Interest Form.

All applications will be reviewed and if sufficient funding is available, they will be selected and applicants notified.

2          Visible and Vocal






Soroptimist International has been running this competition in partnership with The Commonwealth Business Women Network (CBWN). This public speaking competition has been aimed at empowering girls and enhancing their communication skills.

The competition was designed to achieve several important objectives:

  • Encouraging girls to play a more prominent role in public life
  • Improving the art of communication
  • Developing research techniques
  • Nurturing effective speaking abilities
  • Boosting self-confidence


The project was open to girls aged 10 or 11 who competed in local heats to become finalist on Soroptimist International Foundation Day, 10 December 2023.

The local heat winners will present their speeches online, covering a variety of issues that are important to the work that Soroptimists do throughout the world.

There will be a first and a second prize and these will be presented by Soroptimist International President, Maureen Maguire.

1st Prize is being sponsored by Oasis Travel, Lisburn, Northern Ireland, UK



There is a need for us to fundraise so that the many worthwhile projects can continue to be funded by the Soroptimist International Foundation.  Similarly, to that of the SI President’s Appeal we can only do so with your help and donations.   The more we raise the more projects, we can fund.

The 10th of December is the Soroptimist International Foundation Day (also known as Human Rights Day or the International Soroptimist Day) SI President Maureen, encourages you to raise funds and donate them to the Soroptimist International Foundation.

By donating you will help us to make a difference to the lives of women and girls around the world and give them the opportunity to have a global voice.

  • Donations can be made through the Federations,by Members, Clubs, Regions, National Associations, Unions  and Countries.
  • Fundraising events can be held by Members, Clubs, Regions, National Associations, Unions and Countries to donate and support Soroptimist International Foundation projects.
  • Legacies can be made. Just add Soroptimist International Foundation to your will.
  • UK taxpayers can opt for their donation to be included in the Gift Aid scheme.
  • Recommend a fundraising idea, grant application, or similar to the Soroptimist International Foundation Committee.


Some Fundraising Ideas:

  • Raffle
  • Hosting a ‘get together’
  • Silent Auction
  • Hold a ‘re-use’ or ‘gently used’ sale in your local community
  • Quiz
  • Sponsored Walk or other activity
  • Give up chocolate or coffee
  • Film night
  • Good deeds
  • Lunch and Learn

Please send yours to

Find out more!

Want to find out more about the Soroptimist International Foundation? Read our FAQs.

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For the next five years, the SI Foundation will fund projects with a focus on the following three SI Objectives:

  • the advancement of education
  • the relief and/or prevention of poverty
  • the advancement of human rights, peace, equality and diversity

Current SI Foundation projects


Expression of Interest Form | Word Doc | 210kb

Guidance Notes | Word Doc | 1mb

Frequently Asked Questions | PDF

Grant Application Form | Word Doc | 210kb

Expression of Interest Scoring Sheet | Word Doc | 245kb

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Member donations to the SI President’s Appeal will be transferred to the Soroptimist International Foundation (registered in England and Wales 1194895), which has been set up to maximise opportunities for SI’s work around the world.


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