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Soroptimist International Foundation is delighted to announce the continuation and renewal of several of our ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’ projects.

At its core, ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’ is dedicated to realising the transformative power of education, recognising its fundamental role as a driver for sustainable development, peace, and equality. Investing in the education of women and girls means breaking cycles of poverty, creating new opportunities, and fostering economic growth, among many more incredible benefits.

Spanning across continents, the projects will continue their impactful work in Cambodia, Uganda, Georgia, the Caribbean, and Paraguay, focusing on initiatives that empower women and girls through education, mentorship, and access to essential resources. As Soroptimist International Foundation continues to uphold these principles, we remain committed to our vision of a world where every woman and girl has the opportunity to unlock their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities and beyond. 

Cambodia Community Dream Organisation – Cambodia

Soroptimist International Foundation is proudly continuing our collaboration with the Cambodia Community Dream Organisation (CCDO) to advance education and empowerment of women and girls in Cambodia. Funded by donations to ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’ Appeal, this this initiative underpins women’s and girls’ development across rural communities. Since its inception in early 2022, the project has engaged 2,814 women and girls, fostering Smart Women Groups and enhancing access to public services through advocacy.  

For 2024-2025, the project expands to a further six vulnerable communities, aiming to recruit 2,000 disadvantaged women. Objectives include providing safe educational environments, mentoring for self-confidence, and facilitating access to essential information and services. Early 2024 achievements include engaging with local authorities, training sessions on gender equality and healthcare, and empowering women to address challenges like unemployment and domestic violence. Looking ahead, our partnership remains dedicated to empowering Cambodian women and girls, ensuring access to education, resources, and opportunities for a brighter future. 

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Rose Academies – Uganda  

Extending our partnership with Rose Academies Uganda, Soroptimist International Foundation will continue to empower out-of-school girls and young women – providing them with tools for success and entrepreneurship. For 2024 to 2025, the programme sustains its momentum, aiming to empower out-of-work young adults while fostering community resilience beyond project duration. Objectives include providing a safe learning environment, boosting self-esteem, offering guidance and counselling, raising community awareness, and establishing peer support groups. 

In the first quarter of 2024, significant progress has been made, with vocational training initiated in tailoring, computer literacy, and baking, engaging 23 enthusiastic participants. Strategic partnerships with local institutions have also enriched the learning experience, offering internship opportunities and access to external facilitators; simultaneously, parental engagement underscores community commitment to education, with many taking proactive steps to support their daughters’ participation. 

Despite challenges in recruitment and logistics, the programme persists with determination, reaffirming its dedication to empowering vulnerable girls. As it evolves, the programme remains resolute in equipping young girls with skills for a brighter future, ensuring no obstacle obstructs their aspirations. 

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World Vision – Georgia  

Our partnership with World Vision Georgia (WVG) will also be continuing to empower women and girls in Eastern Europe – with further funding through donations to the ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’ Appeal, this ongoing collaboration will focus on enhancing life skills and employability among women and girls in Georgia. Through digital skills training, improved access to services, language courses, and advocacy campaigns, this initiative aims to bridge the gender gap in the Georgian job market whilst also introducing new mechanism of support and prevention for victims of gender-based violence.  

The project’s objectives for 2024-2025 include enhancing digital competencies, promoting socio-economic inclusion, ensuring safety and wellbeing, facilitating language empowerment, and raising gender equality awareness. By engaging participants in SKYE Tech Clubs, supporting vulnerable households, providing safety training sessions, offering language courses, and broadcasting awareness programs, the project addresses pressing issues such as discrimination, the digital divide, economic inclusion, and gender equality. 

Baseline assessments conducted for select objectives have already provided valuable insights, paving the way for tailored interventions. With a focus on individual needs and community collaboration, the project aims to empower women and girls to take control of their lives, contributing to societal progress and prosperity in Georgia. 

[Read the full announcement and update here]

Restore a Sense of I Can – The Caribbean

Working alongside ‘Restore a Sense of I Can’ (RSC), to empower women and girls in the Caribbean through digital literacy workshops and training, has resulted in significant strides toward bridging the gender digital divide over the past year. With funding from donations to Soroptimist International Foundation, we are excited to be able to continue this impactful collaboration spanning across Trinidad and Tobago, St Vincent, and the Grenadines! 

The initiative offers digital training to enhance participants’ online safety and creativity, fostering decision-making and critical thinking skills. In 2023, the project achieved milestones as participants transitioned into trainers, marking a shift towards sustainability. In 2024, the focus remains on empowering women with essential digital skills, aiming to train 100 participants from diverse backgrounds. 

Through a blend of virtual and in-person sessions, the project ensures accessibility and provides support for participants to explore income-generating opportunities. By fostering a supportive community and offering mentorship programs, the project cultivates lasting change and economic empowerment. Supported by the Soroptimist International Foundation, the initiative underscores a commitment to women’s growth, recognizing education as a driver of transformative change and financial well-being. 

[Read the full announcement and update here]

Fundación Moises Bertoni – Paraguay

In partnership with Fundacion Moises Bertoni (FMB), our project based in Paraguay’s Mbaracayú natural forest reserve has successfully completed its mission to construct a sports centre at the Mbaracayú Education Centre. 

Despite facing initial challenges, such as unforeseen construction complexities, this initiative has successfully achieved its goals of enhancing physical activity for indigenous girls aged 15-18. Through a combination of sports activities and workshops focused on building confidence and educating participants on crucial topics like health, nutrition, gender equality, and environmental awareness, the project has effectively promoted gender empowerment.  

As of March 2024, the project has concluded its activities, marking significant progress in promoting health, gender equality, and community engagement. However, there remains hope for further improvements to the sports centre if renewed funding opportunities arise, ensuring continued support for the development and empowerment of young girls in the region. 


As these projects now continue their vital work across SI’s five federations, we are reminded of the profound impact that education, mentorship, and access to essential resources and opportunities can have on transforming the lives of individuals and their communities. With each initiative, we move closer to realising a world where every woman and girl has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.  

Further information:   

Soroptimist International Foundation is a Charitable Trust overseen by SI (Soroptimist International) Limited. Soroptimist International Foundation is currently managing legacies, Educating Women from War Torn Countries fund and the final projects of ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’ Appeal.

Donations to Soroptimist International Foundation, including the Educating War Torn Countries fund are gratefully received. ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Fugure’ Appeal is now closed to donation.

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