Soroptimist International Foundation Announcement – Restore a Sense of I Can

Soroptimist International Foundation proudly announces the ongoing success of its collaboration with ‘Restore a Sense of I Can’ (RSC) to empower women and girls across the Caribbean. Originally launched as part of the Opening Doors to a Bright Future Appeal, this initiative has flourished under the Soroptimist International Foundation, funded by generous donations, into 2024.  

The project, aimed at bridging the gender digital divide, targets women and girls in Trinidad and Tobago, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Venezuelan migrant communities. By providing digital training and resources, participants are empowered to navigate online spaces safely and become creators in the digital realm. This initiative not only enhances their decision-making abilities and self-confidence but also fosters critical thinking skills, dismantling socio-economic barriers hindering access to digital opportunities for women. 

2023 Project Update 

In 2023, the project saw significant milestones as participants transitioned into trainers, embodying roles as instructors, mentors, and facilitators. Despite initial challenges related to confidence and public speaking, personalised support strategies enabled the selection and training of five women for these pivotal roles. Starting from assisting in tech support, they progressed to leading teaching sessions and facilitating group projects, guided by a comprehensive teacher manual provided by RSC.  

To learn more about our accomplishments with RSC throughout 2023, read the closing report here [link] 

What to Expect in 2024 

In the upcoming year, the project will continue its mission of empowering women and girls across the Caribbean through digital literacy education, recognising knowledge as the key to empowerment. Addressing the gender digital divide, which disproportionately affects women’s access to digital networks and opportunities, remains central to the project’s objectives. This initiative aims to equip women and girls with essential digital skills, enabling them to make informed decisions, boost self-confidence, and foster critical thinking in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

With a focus on addressing the challenges faced by women in capitalising on digital opportunities while ensuring their online safety, the project will select and train at least 100 participants from diverse backgrounds. In Trinidad and Tobago, 25 participants will undergo in-person training, while 20 Venezuelan migrant women will receive specialised digital education. Additionally, 50 women from the previous project cycle will advance to receive advanced digital training, with 25 of them participating in a 9-month mentorship program aimed at developing online businesses utilising the Big Cartel platform. 

Combining virtual and in-person sessions, the project maximises accessibility for participants across the Caribbean while providing hands-on training and fostering essential soft skills like teamwork and conflict management. Furthermore, efforts will be made to provide devices and connectivity for students in Trinidad and Tobago, ensuring equitable access to educational resources. 

The project’s aims include fostering a mindset shift among women regarding technology, creating interest in income-generating opportunities, and building a collaborative community for peer support. To achieve these aims, specific objectives have been set, including training a minimum of 100 participants, facilitating in-person workshops, encouraging participation in Girls in ICT Day, and advancing women to Phase 2 training and mentorship programs. 

Looking Ahead 

Beyond technical skills, the initiative fosters a supportive community where each participant’s strengths contribute to collective success. As these women continue to grow and gain experience, they are primed to translate their skills into income-generating opportunities and catalyse positive change within their communities. 

Under Soroptimist International Foundation’s stewardship, the project reaffirms a commitment to the women’s growth and success, recognising education and empowerment as catalysts for transformative change. Soroptimist International Foundation remains dedicated to supporting these women as they pave the way for improved financial well-being and enduring impact in their communities. 

Further information:   

Soroptimist International Foundation is a Charitable Trust overseen by SI (Soroptimist International) Limited. Soroptimist International Foundation is currently managing legacies, Educating Women from War Torn Countries fund and the final projects of ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’ Appeal.

Donations to Soroptimist International Foundation, including the Educating War Torn Countries fund are gratefully received. ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Fugure’ Appeal is now closed to donation.

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