Global Advocacy

Soroptimist International advocates for human rights and gender equality through education and empowerment. At the heart of Soroptimist International’s advocacy is its work across seven United Nations Centres, in which sixteen Representatives ensure that the voices of women and girls around the world are included in international decision making. Soroptimist International collaborates with other like-minded organisations on issues of mutual concern, working together towards our common aspirations for women. The UN Representatives can advocate effectively on behalf of women and girls as a result of evidence provided by every Soroptimist taking direct action at the local level. The current priority area of focus is the Sustainable Development Goals, which the UN set in 2015 as the agenda for the next 15 years, concentrating on Goal 4 – Education and Goal 5 – Gender Equality, and other areas that relate to women’s empowerment. Although women and girls make up half of the population they are consistently discriminated against, and their human rights are often ignored. Soroptimist International is continuously working as a global voice to empower, educate and enable women and girls to ensure the realisation of gender equality.


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