SI Voices Webinars

Hosted by Soroptimist International, the SI Voices Series of Webinars commenced in 2020, established to recognise 100 years of our global organisation.

Latest webinars:

The SI Youth Forum was set up in 2023 as a way of younger Soroptimists to meet and engage with each other, and to highlight issues which are important to them. This Green Horizons webinar is the first of a planned series of webinars.

This webinar discusses the theme, “How is climate change impacting your work and advocacy, and what are your adaptation or mitigation strategies?”

Inspiring Change: Explaining Soroptimist International’s Brand Transformation

SI President Maureen Maguire hosted this webinar with the other members of the Communications Committee, Open Design Agency and SIHQ to explain the processes behind the evolved branding, which was launched at the 2023 Dublin Convention.

Recordings of SI CSW67 Events

Other SI Webinars

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