Join the Fabulous Five – SI Workshops to inspire at the 21st SI Convention

With the 21st Soroptimist International (SI) Convention Kuala Lumpur fast-approaching, it is time to start planning the workshops you might like to attend. If you are a first time delegate, you may not be aware that the Committee organises a number of workshops that take place during the Convention, which are free to attend. If you are a regular attendee then you will know how valuable these workshops can be to your future development and the furthering of the SI Vision, Mission and Principles.

This year SI we will be holding a number of interactive workshops, including – the ‘SI Fabulous Five’ – thematically based around the Convention theme, and directly related to the on-going work of Soroptimist International:

Effective SI Engagement with the UN – Find out how SI engages at the United Nations (UN) Centres and agencies, and how SI presence and action supports the acceleration and protection of rights for women and girls. In this extremely insightful, interactive workshop, SI Director of Advocacy, Beverly Bucur, together with long-time Soroptimist, SI Director and Chair of the SI Communications Committee, Dawn Marie Lemonds, and SI UN Representatives, you are invited to explore the work of the SI UN Representatives and Soroptimist delegates, and discuss the importance of the project work of Soroptimist Clubs and how this links and helps to maximise the advocacy work taking place at international level. The panel will address the advocacy circle – the flow of information from Soroptimist Clubs project work to the UN – and the UN back to the Clubs; and discuss the interlinkages between SI’s strategic objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Rebuilding Lives: Education and Empowerment After Disasters – This workshop addresses the 2015 – 2017, SI President’s Appeal, ‘Educate to Lead: Nepal’. The workshop will present information and the successes of some of the 20 projects taking place under the umbrella of the Appeal in Nepal, and show how funding from Soroptimists around the world is making a difference in the lives of thousands of women and girls.

Image: Soroptimists work together, sharing ideas, at a workshop held at the 20th SI Convention, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015

Safe in her hands: Women, Water and Food Security – Water and Food are more than just fundamentals to sustain life. It is increasingly accepted that women must play an important role in water and food management and as such, their position is vital in achieving equitable access to water for all, and for all uses and in increasing food security.  This workshop will investigate the role of women can and examine current work of SI in empowering women to realise their full potential.

The ‘She’ Factor in Climate Change – The first step toward tackling the challenges of climate change is to create a backdrop against which girls and women are empowered to safeguard the environment. Climate change and environmental degradation represent a great threat to poverty reduction, gender equality and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Is climate change a She? We pose this question to explore the disproportionate impact on women and girls, and the possible solutions that can be achieved through the participation of women in their communities, Soroptimists and how engagement at all levels might avert the burden of climate change to women, girls and other marginalised groups such as women with disabilities.

Connecting SI to the Digital World – With a global voice of 75,000 Soroptimists, this workshop invites you to explore the opportunities to further your connections with others around the world; sharing skills, experience and ideas, discussing best practice and creating new links and friendships with clubs and membership. The interactive workshop will share thoughts and knowledge on how becoming more digitally connected, would help Soroptimists to support each other in realising SI goals.

Q: I’m already going to the Convention why should I attend the workshops?

Visiting the Convention is a great opportunity to engage with a number of international speakers on key topics critical to women and girls. The workshops are equally inspired, and a fabulous place for discussion and discovery. The SI Fabulous Five Workshops are an excellent way to pick up new knowledge, skills and practices, to network and gather insight that you can take back to your Club, Region, Union and Federation.

Visit the Official 21st Convention website to register for the 21st Soroptimist International Convention, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia HERE

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