A Shadow Pandemic

Stay at Home Orders increased risk of Domestic Violence  Gina Vucci, author, and women’s human rights activist, based in the U.S., takes a look at the escalating danger of domestic violence - a parallel pandemic taking place behind closed doors. "As we received the notice to go on lockdown in

Findings from the UN World Water Development Report 2020

An informative review of the recently released United Nations World Water Development Report 2020 by SI Special Advisor to Advocacy, Linda Witong "It’s official. According to the United Nations World Water Development Report 2020 climate change affects ecosystems, biodiversity, food security, human health, energy production, human societies, gender equality and

Key Priorities in Education

Blog by Evelyne Para, SI UN Representative to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). "During the working meeting organised on 10 March 2020 at UNESCO, by Marie-Claude Machon-Honore (Chairperson of the Liaison Committee of NGOs in partnership with UNESCO), interesting exchanges allowed several members of Civil Society


SI UN Representative in New York, Marie D’Amato-Rizzi, urges Soroptimists to encourage their governments to ratify the International Labour Organisation's 'Convention Concerning the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work (C190)'. "On June 21, 2019, delegates at the Centenary International Labour Conference adopted a new Convention and

The role of water in tackling a global health emergency

SI Advocacy Advisor, Linda Witong, explains the importance of access to clean water in the context of a global health emergency. "It has been acknowledged that pandemics, which are large disease outbreaks that affect several countries, pose major health, social, and economic risks. A quick-moving pathogen spreading across the globe

Gathering Collective Power

A report by Dawn Marie Lemonds, SI Director and participant in Virtual CSW64 Consultation Forum "Its not New York and CSW64 - but it is the TIME!  The NGO/CSW Virtual Consultation Day provided a quick, 1.5 hour virtual forum for people to join from their living rooms, offices or coffee

How Does Care Work Affect the Global Inequality Crisis?

SI UN Representative to FAO, Liliana Mosca, summarises and commends the latest report on global equality produced by Oxfam. Using data from Credit Suisse Research Institute’s 'Global Wealth Databook (2019)', and the 2019 Forbes billionaire list, Oxfam has published its annual global inequality report ‘Time to Care: Unpaid and underpaid

Twitter for Beginners

So are we Twittering of Tweeting? What's a Hashtag and how should I use it? Who should I follow? Should I use a picture? All questions that deserve an answer if you are just starting out on your social media journey! Please Click on the Twitter Logo below to view

A journey of discovery

By SI Director of Advocacy, Bev Bucur I am proposing during this period of uncertainty and change that we take the time - a commodity we never have enough of - to learn more and get in touch with the SI Advocacy work, and the grassroots projects taking place far


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