SI Quadrennial Report 2015-2019

Welcome to the Soroptimist International 2015-2019 Quadrennial Brochure, a full-colour reference to just some of the recent work of the organisation. The report includes messages from SI President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen and SI President Elect Sharon Fischer, news on the progress of the Presdents' Appeals 'Educate to Lead: Nepal' and 'Women,

Peaceful Societies – Recovering from Conflict and Nurturing Peace

A blog by SI President Elect, Sharon Fisher, following her attendance at the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference held in Salt Lake City: "Peace is necessary for the achievement of the SDGs.  This session shared how civil society organisations are achieving an inclusive and sustainable culture of peaceful coexistence

Plan B:  Create An Opportunity

A blog by Aurora Daniels, SI Music City Nashville, SIA “At the crack of ten o’clock on a gorgeous Tuesday morning in Salt Lake City, a group of Soroptimists ascended to the “attic area” of the huge Salt Palace Convention Centre to attend a session titled “Empowering Women and Girls

Educating for Gender Justice: Stepping Stones to Achieving the SDGs

A blog by Karen Marshall “Between 5,000 and 6,000 people participated in the three-day United Nations Civil Society Conference. There were people from all over the world in attendance, and probably about one-half were under the age of 50. The organisers were exceptionally pleased with the positive response for the

Empowering Women & Girls: The Only Way to Accomplish the UN SDGs 

A blog by Jo Breneman "Together with eight Soroptimist members and hundreds of other attendees at the 68th Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Aug 26-28, 2019, we listened to and learned from Smina Adhikari, Natalie W. Romeri-Lewis, Celeste Mergens, and James B. Mayfield who shared/reported data

Soroptimists attend the UN Civil Society Convention

A delegation of Soroptimists, including President-Elect, Sharon Fisher; Advocacy Director, Bev Bucur; SI Board Member, Dawn Marie Lemonds; Sue Riney, Advocacy Committee Member; Governor Rita Offret of Soroptimist International the Americas (SIA) Rocky Mountain Region and Soroptimists from SIA Northwestern, Rocky Mountain and Southern Regions, attended the 68th UN Civil


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