Why We Love Convention!

Interview with Marlène van Benthem, Soroptimist Lab Developer 2017-2019, Past Programme Director of  Union of the Netherlands and of SIE Photo: Alice Wells and Marlène van Benthem at the SI Convention In Istanbul in 2015 How many Soroptimist International (SI) Conventions have you attended during your Soroptimist career and which

SI Conventions – A MUST FOR ME!

by Dawn Marie Lemonds - SI Board member "MELBOURNE, NOTTINGHAM, SAN FRANCISCO, HELSINKI, SYDNEY, GLASCOW, MONTREAL, ISTANBUL, KUALA LUMPUR…… What a lucky lucky Soroptimist I am to have made the commitment in MY Soroptimist Journey to attend every International Convention since 1987!   MY MAP- because of Soroptimists- has many

Why We Love Convention!

by Karen Cromer Johnson, SI Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA "I love to go to International Soroptimist Conventions. I went to my first one in 2003 in Sydney, Australia and have been hooked ever since. I remember seeing women with these large, beautiful gold chains of office. I thought they must be


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