Soroptimist International HLPF Report 2019

The meeting of the High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development in 2019, convened under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council, will be held from Tuesday, 9 July, to Thursday, 18 July 2019; including the three-day ministerial meeting of the forum from Tuesday, 16 July, to Thursday, 18 July 2019.

Your Voice at the United Nations

This edition of ‘Your Voice at the United Nations’ features articles relating to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and the Construction of World Citizenship. 6th Session of the Global Platform of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), 15 May, Geneva  SI UN Representatives in Geneva, Kristin Reynisdottir, Berthe De Vos and Stacy Ciulik

Why We Love Convention!

Interview with Marlène van Benthem, Soroptimist Lab Developer 2017-2019, Past Programme Director of  Union of the Netherlands and of SIE Photo: Alice Wells and Marlène van Benthem at the SI Convention In Istanbul in 2015 How many Soroptimist International (SI) Conventions have you attended during your Soroptimist career and which


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