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Opening Doors to a Bright Future’ announces collaboration with World Vision Georgia

Beginning in early October 2022, the World Vision Georgia and SI President’s Appeal project will run until 31 May 2023, empowering women and girls by improving life skills and employability. A national study on violence against women conducted by UN Women, found that women in Georgia are at the greatest risk of violence from male intimate partners, with approximately 74% of all women with partners aged 15-64 having experienced physical, sexual, and/or emotional violence by an intimate partner throughout their lifetime.

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World Vision, present in Georgia in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, since 1994, works to improve the lives of children and youth living in poverty and experience fullness of life, and bring about lasting change, and has partnered with SI Kutaisi Colchis, Georgia, to support young women and girls to become self-sufficient and empowered.

To improve employability of girls and women in the planned project, WVG is to support women and girls through a series of interventions, with four key focus areas:

  • Forty girls aged 16-29 will be engaged in SKYE Tech Club where they will learn topics such as active citizenship, leadership, social entrepreneurship and employment, women, and girls’ rights as well as technical competencies such as digital marketing, copyrighting, graphical design, digital advertisement, Search Engine Optimisation, developing and managing a webpage.
  • Nine vulnerable women-led households with children will be engaged in the Ultra Poor Graduation programme, that supports families with improved social capacity to eliminate poverty, through improved self-care and child care capacity, self-organising and setting up correct priorities, budgeting, making savings; also families are provided with substantial economic support through job counselling, professional training, financial literacy, in-kind support (through tools, equipment, livestock) for sustainable income generation activities.
  • Five vulnerable women will be engaged in advanced English language courses. These are the women previously engaged in the Soroptimist women’s club project ‘Step by Step better future for the women and girls in Georgia’, who benefitted from learning basic English but went on to demonstrate interest in advancing their own language skills for better employability.
  • TV/radio broadcasting on the theme ‘Global Voice for Women and Girls’ will be delivered to increase public awareness around the issues faced by women and girls, and the work done by World Vision International, Soroptimists International and Imereti Development Centre for empowerment of women and girls.


Keep an eye on this page to read project updates and stories of the work of SI and World Vision Georgia


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