Centre left: head and shoulders photo of author smiling. Centre right: white Soroptimist International logo. Below, white text reads: World Humanitarian Day, a blog by Berthe De Vos - Neven SI United Nations Representative, Geneva

World Humanitarian Day

SI UN Representative, Berthe De Vos-Neven, blogs from World Humanitarian Day at UN Geneva – August 19, 2022. “The General Assembly of the UN has marked August 19th as “World Humanitarian Day” to create awareness around the problems aid workers and humanitarian helpers are daily facing in the crises and

UN Human Rights Council 42: Women & Addictions

SI UN Representative in Geneva, Berthe De Vos, attends the United Nations Human Rights Council 42: ‘Women and Addiction’ panel discussion, and considers the issues surrounding women and addiction and the provision of their human rights. “This debate was in collaboration with Dianova International, an NGO engaged in addiction treatment


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