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The SI President’s Appeal Team is delighted to bring news of the second SI President’s Appeal project, now taking place in the Soroti District of Eastern Uganda. Within the Soroptimist International Africa Federation, this project will be working together with our partner Rose Academies.

Since 2014, Rose Academies has worked with rural communities in Sub Saharan Africa, with the guiding principle that social justice, human rights, and education, are the basis for positive change. The organisation is an advocate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, developed to bring equity in policies and programmes for the benefit of all people in the world.

Rose Academies seeks to remove barriers that keep vulnerable and oppressed children out of school, improving access to education and healthcare information to tackle disease and violence, empowering women and girls so that their true potential can be realised; a vision that closely correlates with Soroptimist International Goals.

Rose Academies believes in sustainable solutions, and over the years has provided instruction about sexual development, reproductive health, menstruation, and hygiene and sanitation to thousands of women, youth and disabled children.

Photo: Rose Academies sees the measurement of their success in the many lives they change.


Listen to Claire Ainomugisha, Programme Director of Rose Academies, Uganda, who shares her thoughts on the new partnership with Soroptimist International on ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’.

This project will support Rose Academies to provide a comprehensive education programme designed to inspire the quest for knowledge, whilst laying the foundation for a healthy future as the girl child matures and becomes a young adult, through scholarships.

The project will work with 30 girls living in the Soroti District, Eastern Uganda, a remote, impoverished rural area. The girls will range in ages from 8-13 years, who attend, or should be attending Primary grades 3-7. Private education will be provided to give the girls optimum learning experiences with the hope that they will excel and be inspired to pursue further academic achievements.

Photo: Health workshops allow young people to learn the skills to have healthy lifestyles.

In addition to private schooling, the girls will attend many workshops on health, nutrition, disease prevention, menstrual health and hygiene, sexual development, reproductive health, preparing for parenthood and more. This fully integrated health programme will empower young people with self-knowledge and promote healthy lifestyles, with the ultimate goal of inspiring the pursuit of knowledge.


The Girls Scholarship Programme will specifically provide out of school girls the opportunity to:

  • To learn and feel safe while they are in school
  • To expand the curriculum
  • To be more informed about nutrition and healthcare
  • To learn life skills
  • To discover what it means to be a parent
  • To understand the value of education
  • To be inspired to stay in school
  • To make better informed decisions about their lives
  • To promote behaviour changes in the community
  • To seek to change mind-sets of the rural poor

It is hoped that the parents and the community will learn about the value of education and therefore change mind-sets for their daughters’ futures. This project is to run from 1 August 2022, through to December 2023.

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  1. Clare 2 years ago 26 August 2022

    This is so amazing!! Thank you so much Soroptimist International!!


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