Welcome to the SI Resources page. Here you will find everything you need to ensure that you have the very latest SI logos, advocacy materials and presentations at your fingertips. All resources are ONLY to be used by Soroptimists in promoting SI. If you are unsure if you should use the SI resources please be sure to contact SI HQ to discuss your needs. If you require print ready versions of leaflets or postcards, or vector files for logos please contact


If you are looking to find out more about the work of our organisation including grassroots projects and advocacy work, we hope the brochures prepared for the 2011-2015 and 2015-2019 quadrenniums will prove valuable to you, your clubs, associates and partners.

SI Quadrennial Brochure 2011-2015 | PDF File | 7.8MB

SI Quadrennial Brochure 2015-2019 | PDF File | 4.7MB


If you are looking to promote Soroptimist International on your presentations, leaflets or letters then here is the place to find the logos required. All the logos are in Jpeg format, however if you need design files please contact SI HQ to make your request.

SI Brand Guidelines | PDF File | 1.2MB

SI Brand CMYK Lady Emblem | JPG File | 1.90MB

SI Brand CMYK Primary Logo Colour | JPG File | 1.19MB

SI Brand CMYK Wide Logo | JPG File | 1.01MB


Sharing the message far and wide this December 10th will be easier with access to official SI logos, leaflets and postcards that promote the SI President’s Appeal 2017-2019, ‘Women Water & Leadership’ (WWL). Download the NEW Leaflet, and the NEW Fundraising Flyer for you to fill out with details of your event!


SI Presidents’ Appeals x3 Leaflet 2 sided | May 2019 | A5 | Print Ready File

December 10th SI President’s Appeal Leaflet Back | October 2018 | A5 | Print Ready File

December 10th SI President’s Appeal Black Fundraising Flyer | October 2018 | PDF

December 10th SI President’s Appeal Black Fundraising Flyer | October 2018 | JPG

December 10th SI President’s Appeal Webinar | November 2018 |PPTX

WWL Logo Extra Wide | JPG File | 165KB

WWL Logo Middle Width Colour | JPG File | 344KB

WWL Logo Middle Width Grayscale | JPG File | 233KB

WWL Logo Primary Grayscale | JPG File | 410KB

WWL Logo Primary Colour | JPG File | 583KB

Women & Water | HLPF SDG 5 SDG 6 | Postcard 2018 | Print Ready File

Women & Water | HLPF SDG 5 SDG 6 | Postcard 2018 | Print Ready File

Women & Water | HLPF SDG 5 SDG 6 | Postcard 2018 | Jpeg

WWL Leaflet March 2018 | Print Ready File

WWL Leaflet CSW March 2018 | PDF


Need a little help with your advocacy work? Here you will find a series of advocacy postcards previously used by SI at UN events with useful messages, plus the 2016 and 2017 SI HLPF reports.

SI Educate – Black/Dramatic Postcard 2019 | Print ready PDF File | 387KB

SI HLPF Report 2019 | PDF File | 387KB

SI CSW 62 Advocacy Resource Pack| PDF File | 387KB

SI Generic Postcard 2017 Front | JPG File | 387KB

SI Generic Postcard 2017 Back | JPG File | 353KB

SI SDGs Women and Girls Flyer | JPG File | 2.16MB

SI Violence against Women Flyer | JPG File | 2.67MB

SI Inclusive Education Flyer Front | JPG File | 2.31MB

SI Inclusive Education Flyer Back | JPG File | 1.90MB

SI HLPF Report 2017 | PDF File | 1.22MB

SI HLPF Report 2016 | PDF File | 1.82MB

SI Presentation Template | PPTX File | 81.2KB

21st Soroptimist International Convention PPTs

Here you will find a number of Soroptimist International PowerPoint Presentations & PDFs from the 2019 SI Convention in Kuala Lumpur

Opening Speech SI President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen | PDF File

Soroptimist Flowers for Nepal

SI President’s Appeal 2015-2017 Educate to Lead: Nepal | PPT File

SI President’s Appeal 2017-2019 Women, Water & Leadership & the SDGs | PPT File

SI President’s Appeal 2019-2021 Road to Equality | PPT File

Gender Equality for Water & Food Security Mariet Verhoef-Cohen | PPT File

SI Advocacy 2015-2017 Pat Black | PPT File

SI Advocacy 2017-2019 Beverly Bucur | PPT File

SIFAF Mary Muia | PPT File

SI – a UN journey around the world | PDF File

SIGBI President Sue Williams 2018-2019 | PPT File


Here you will find the Soroptimist International (SI) Articles of Association and latest SI Annual Report.

SI Annual Report 2018| PDF File

SI Bye-Laws May 2019 | PDF File

SI Annual Report 2017 | PDF File

Articles of Association October 2017 | PDF File


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