Human Rights for a Bright Future – 10 December Webinar

In recognition of the progress and impact achieved as part of Opening Doors to a Bright Future over the last year, we would like to welcome as many Soroptimists as possible to join us on 10 December, 11AM (GMT) for a webinar event featuring guest speakers from each of the Appeal projects across our Federations.

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Education as a Means for Sustainable Development

Access to high-quality education and training throughout the life course transforms lives and communities. The cross-cutting benefits of education on sustainable development, and the fundamental role it plays in the achievement of gender equality was globally recognised specifically by Sustainable Development Goal #4 – ‘Ensure inclusive and equitable quality and education, and promote lifelong opportunities for all.’

Recognising the tangible benefits which education can offer as a tool to tackle the multiple barriers faced by women and girls today, the current SI President’s Appeal 2021-2023, ‘Opening Doors to a Bright Future’, underlines the Soroptimist commitment to Education throughout the life-course, and its immense power and fundamental role as a driver for sustainable development, human rights, and equality.

Opening Doors to a Bright Future – Appeal Projects so far

With plans to establish Appeal projects in each of the five Soroptimist Federations, three projects are already underway in Cambodia, Uganda, and Georgia.

The first project supported by the SI President’s Appeal has been coordinated in partnership with the Cambodian Community Dream Organisation (CCDO); the CCDO is a small NGO run by a combination of international volunteers and paid local staff, with the aim of improving conditions in villages surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Focused on Empowering women and girls by addressing ‘Education and Learning throughout the life-course’, the dedicated CCDO project team has delivered dozens of training sessions for women and girls. These sessions have addressed various topics, including gender equality and self-development, as well as financial management, business, and enterprise skills; in turn, this training has helped women from the three districts become financially independent and become role models for others, better equipped to pass on their knowledge and experiences to benefit their families and broader communities.

Rose Academies is the second organisation that SI has partnered with in the delivery of Opening Doors to a Bright Future, with project activities taking place in the Soroti District of Eastern Uganda since earlier this year. Rose academies is a non-profit organisation working with rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa to equip them with life-saving skills and knowledge, health education workshops, as well as academic and career skills development, in order to bring about positive social change.

As part of the SI President’s Appeal, we are supporting Rose Academies in the delivery of a comprehensive education programme which will serve to support and inspire 30 girls, aged 8-13 and living across Soroti District, in their pursuit of learning and education. In addition to private schooling, the girls are also being invited to attend many workshops on topics such as health, nutrition, disease prevention, menstrual health and hygiene, sexual development, reproductive health, preparing for parenthood and more. In doing so, the Rose Academies Girls Scholarship Programme will provide out of school girls with the means to make informed decisions about their future, and hopefully change the attitudes of parents and their community toward the value of education.

Since early October 2022, SI has also started a collaboration with World Vision Georgia to deliver a third Appeal project.  World Vision is an organisation with a long history of taking action to transform the lives of vulnerable children across the world. Importantly, a recent study conducted by UN women found that women in Georgia are at the greatest risk of violence from male intimate partners, with approximately 74% of all women with partners aged 15-64 having experienced physical, sexual, and/or emotional violence by an intimate partner throughout their lifetime. Through a series of interventions, and by partnering with World Vision Georgia, this project seeks to support young women and girls to become self-sufficient and empowered, ultimately improving their employability and the future opportunities available to them.

Introducing the Guest Speakers

Jenni Lipa – Founder and President, Cambodia Community Dream Organisation

Jenni Lipa, President and Founder of CCDO, has a wealth of education and experience from living on 4 continents and having a multitude of careers from Advertising and Public Relations, to Interior Design to Deluxe Travel to Philanthropy. She founded CCDO 15 years ago because she saw a need to give back to society and help educate Cambodians, especially women, so they can improve their lives and make a positive impact on their families and communities. The SI President’s Appeal aligns with her vision of the future. Women are the backbone of society and have the ability with proper education and support for ending the cycle of poverty and bringing self-sustainability to their villages.  In implementing the program, CCDO is proud to open minds and doors for a brighter future of all Cambodians.

Sovoan Sem – Education Coordinator, Cambodia Community Dream Organisation

Sovoan Sem graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Management and an Education degree in Cambodia. She has been working with women and girls in communities for almost 10 years and has a great experience dealing with women and girls, empowering them to gain financial sustainability and social enterprise. She is in charge of Women and Girls Empowerment for Education and Life Skills project operations, ensuring project management, communication/coordination, facilitation, project implementation, and coaching.

Susan Stasi – CEO, Rose Academies Uganda

Susan.jpgSusan Stasi is the CEO of Rose Academies, a globally recognized humanitarian agency that is established in Uganda, Eastern Africa. Since 2014, she has spearheaded multiple campaigns that address the disparities of health and wellness of impoverished communities in an effort to empower the weak and vulnerable with healthcare knowledge and to reduce preventable deaths of children. A firm believer in collaboration and cooperative teamwork, her drive and determination have united multiple institutions of higher learning and community-based partners in the development of innovative technologies that are changing the way we teach the illiterate, uneducated rural poor. Ms. Stasi’s creation of Rose Uganda Fellowship Program and the Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team are revolutionizing the fields of education, research, and public health with the unique approach of involving local young adults from diverse backgrounds in the programming and implementation of proven successful educational programs.

Clare Ainomugisha – Program Director, Rose Academies Uganda

Clare Ainomugisha is Program Director of Rose Academies-Uganda, an international NGO based in Kampala, Uganda. With over 12 years of experience in business operations and program management, Ms. Ainomugisha oversees staff coordination of the Rose Uganda Fellowship Program, Rose Uganda PWDs Chapter, and Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team. Chapters are located throughout southern and central Uganda and are dedicated to providing educational programs including Public Health, WASH, nutrition, substance abuse, family planning, and disease prevention. Ainomugisha’s background and experience with the indigenous community have been instrumental in program development. Her dedication and commitment to providing quality healthcare education are responsible for the acquisition of multiple contracts with the Ministries of Health and Education.  Through her efforts, she has established Rose Academies-Uganda as a recognized provider of critically important healthcare education for Uganda’s rural poor.

David Chkhobadze – Programme Manager, World Vision Georgia

David Chkhobadze is the Imereti Area Development Programme Manager for World Vision Georgia, an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Human Rights for a Bright Future – 10 December Webinar

We look forward to welcoming as many Soroptimists as possible to join this webinar event on 10 December at 11AM GMT.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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