SI President’s Post: The ‘P’ keys for SI Cologne’s success

“SI Cologne celebrated 60 years of Soroptimist service in style from 30 June – 2 July 2017. The celebration was memorable for many reasons, most of them starting with ‘P’!

PARTICIPATION: 200 – 250 were anticipated, but the turnout was much higher at 350. Friendship Link clubs from the UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Austria and other parts of Germany were joined by Soroptimists from all Federations. What brought them to Cologne? Judging by the happy noises of chatter, one reason would be the opportunity to connect as Soroptimist sisters on a PERSONAL level.  President Christiane Karsch and her team certainly looked after me and I am sure that everyone else felt equally welcome and cared for.

PRIOR PREPARATION PROMOTES POSITIVE PERFORMANCE  (5 Ps). This is a well-known statement for success.  At least one year ago the foundations were laid for the event and invitations were issued early, giving participants plenty of time to make arrangements and fit the event into busy schedules. It was a team effort – and the details Past President and now Club Programme Assistant, Sylvia Achenbach included, were all covered well. One could see why SI Cologne has the vitality to be the largest club in Germany, with 58 members ranging in age from 35 to 97.

PROMOTION:  FaceBook was used to great effect by Soroptimist Nora Feldhausen. Promotional information was provided at regular intervals adding interesting enticements for those who might be wavering. Background information included accommodation, historical and cultural attractions… aspects other than the main programme were provided with links to further information. Personal invitations were sent and conversations were created around coming to Cologne.

The PROGRAMME offered was of high quality and relevance, linking the 60 years service of the club with 60 years of the Act of Equality. Leading experts gave informative lectures on issues of gender equality including the gender pay gap. The occasion also featured the club’s next project – supporting alternative education for girls who had lost interest in school.

PROFESSIONALISM – We had confidence in the organisers because of timely responses, straightforward arrangements and a well organised weekend.

Congratulations SI Cologne. Thank you on behalf of all the women and girls you have educated, empowered and enabled. Thank you for bringing us together to remind us of the significance of our work and to energise us to increase our contribution”.

Photo: SI Cologne responding to a well-deserved accolade for a successful weekend


Authored by

Yvonne Simpson

SI President 2015 – 2017





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