b'Soroptimist InternationalReport for the High-Level Political Forumcan quickly identify new challenges and respond toThroughthistrainingthemultifacetedpressures them ensuring that the those in need of support canexperienced by women specifically were addressed.be reached quickly. Putting Laws into Practice SI Clubs have also established HOPE Centres that workwithwomenandfamilieswhohavebeenWhile the Presidential Decree creating affectedbydomesticandgender-basedviolence,womensdeskswasimportantand andwithgirlswhohavebeenabandoned,necessary, for such decrees or laws to demonstrating how the project has adapted overbe effective, they require consistent and time. In addition to providing safe accommodation,prolongedimplementationtogetthe bestresults. Workingwiththosemost these centres provide opportunities for women andaffected by these decrees is essential to girls to access psycho-social support, education, andensureimplementationiseffective. skills training. Knowledge,resources,planningand implementationsupportwillbe Womennowincommandpostsinmainstream policeworkhavebeenparticipantsintheproject.necessarytoachievetheaimsoflaws and policies aimed at achieving gender Having worked closely with the police, SI clubs in theequality.Philippines are able to run collaborative awareness seminarswithwomenpoliceofficersinforming women and girls about their rights, and specificallyTyphoonsGoniandVamco(knownasRollyand howtheycanseekprotection through thepoliceUlysses respectively in the Philippines) both hit in andthelegalremediesavailabletothem.Issues2020duringtheCOVID-19pandemic,creatinga addressed through these seminars include violencedoubledisaster.Throughthepolice-CSOnetwork against women and children (covered by Republiccreated by the Adopt a Womens Desk Project, SI Act9262),childabuse,exploitation,andbecame involved in relief operations, with over 50 discrimination(RepublicAct7610)andhumanSIclubsraising70,000USD,benefitting50,000 trafficking (Republic Act 9208). women, girls and their families in 12 districts. The pandemic,especiallyincombinationwithnatural Adapting to COVID-19disasters, puts women and girls at risk of heightened discriminationandviolence.Existingprojects During the pandemic, the project was able to reachaddressing gender-based sustainable development more than 1000 attendees regarding the gender- challenges are well-placed to respond quicky and based challenges the pandemic caused. Webinarseffectivelytowomenandgirls,andparticularly onstressmanagementandhowtoovercomethose who are marginalised. anxiety and depression were carried out in 2021. Conclusions & Recommendations: Ensure all staff in the justice system, including police, lawyers, the judiciary, and other relevant staff participatein effective gender-transformative approaches and monitor the impacts of that training. Senior staff who are incontrol of implementing policies and accountability systems should be given priority in receiving this training. Longer-term programming needs to be provisioned to minimise the need for emergency projects created inresponse to acute need. These projects can promote resilience, ensure successful community response, and bemore adaptable to challenges.Put appropriate resources in place to enact laws and policies aimed at eradicating gender inequality,acknowledging that merely putting a law or policy in writing is not enough to make it become a reality. Use a gender-transformative approach across policies and programmes to challenge and change the impacts of gender stereotypes upon women in the world of work.16'