b'Soroptimist InternationalReport for the High-Level Political ForumCAMBODIA Opening Doors to a Bright Future expands marginalised womens and girls access to education in safe, friendly, and stimulating environments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many barriers to education that women and girls experience have been re-established, pushing back years of progress. Through projects in five different countries in different regions of the world, this SI Presidents Appeal supports gender equality by enabling women and girls to access information, resources and services they need to make the choices they want.Projectpartner:CambodiaCommunityDreamLearning in Cambodia quickly. To reach the furthest Organisationbehindfirst,SIandCCDOworkedcloselywith CommuneCouncilsforWomenand Childrenand In Siem Reap, a rural part of Cambodia, the project focusesongirlsagedtentofifteenandnewlyvillage chiefsthis kind of partnership with local widowed women who now head households. Theorganisationsandcommunitiesisessentialto programme gives extensive help to girls needing toidentify those who otherwise can fall through the returntoeducationandcontinuedsupporttocracks of development programming. ensure they transition from primary to secondaryDuring the first three months, 1570 women and girls school.Forwidowsandwomenwhoheadjoinedtheprogrammefromsixdifferent households,theprogrammeprovidestrainingtocommunities.Forgirls,anextensivesystemof ensuretheybecomefinanciallyindependentandscholarships and mentoring will help them return to psycho-socialservicesthatpromotespositiveeducation and transition from primary to secondary decision-making,self-esteem,andhumandignity.school. The girls who arepart of the programme BypartneringwithCambodiaCommunityDreamhave not returned to school since the start of the Organisation(CCDO),identifyingandrecruitingCOVID-19pandemicbecauseofcaring womenandgirlswhowillbenefitfromtheresponsibilities,householdchores,andeconomic programme has been more effective. insecurity leading to child labour. Given the low rate ofsecondaryeducation, especiallyamongpoorer CCDO has worked in Siem Reap since 2000, so has become a trusted local organisation who can role- rural communities, this is a critical target group and outtargetedprogrammes,likeEducationand ACHIEVING SDG4: Getting more girls into and completing primary and secondary education (Target 4.1 & 4.5) Providing women with free high-quality vocational training (Target 4.2 & 4.5) Increasing the number of women and girls with financial literacy and skills to promote their economic opportunities (Target 4.4) 5Providing illiterate women with literacy education (Target 4.6)'