b'Soroptimist InternationalReport for the High-Level Political Forum PHILIPPINES Adopt a National Police Womens DeskFor over 28 years, Soroptimist clubs have sponsored Womens Desks in police stations. To further womens leadership in the police force, Soroptimists have worked with senior police officers, policewomen and other CSOs to provide education and training, including in gender-sensitivity. Over time, the project has expanded, with a biennial conference, public awareness sessions, and support to womens refuges. Recently, the police-CSO network the project has created was used to respond to natural disasters during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring 50,000 women, girls andtheirfamilieshavereceivedemergencyrelief.Thisadaptabilityandabilitytoprotect marginalised women and girls has developed over time, demonstrating the importance of long-term programming and partnerships.The Adopt a Philippines National Police Womensundertakeotheraspectsofpolicework.This Desk Project is currently a 28 year-long project, andsuggestedthattheunderlyingactionneededto hassupportedthePhilippinesNationalPolicetomaketheWomensDeskseffectivehadnot developitsabilitiestoprotectwomenandgirlshappened;atthistime,therewasnoPhilippines againstviolenceanddiscrimination.OverthisNationalPolicebudgetforgenderand period, Women and Children Protection Desks havedevelopment. This led to the Adopt a PNP Womens been created in every police station due to a 1992Deskprojectin1994.AllSoroptimistClubswere PresidentialDecreewhichcreatedtheNationalmandated to support Womens Desks. In total, 33 Police Womens Desks. deskswereadopted,andeducationandtraining activitieswerecarriedoutinmultiplePhilippine Respondingtothisdecree,SIMakaticollectedregions.evidence that policewomen were concerned about thedisproportionateamountofadministrativeSoroptimists have developed education and training work they were being allocated by their male senioractivitieswiththesupportofothercivilsociety officers through interviews conducted with womenorganisations such as the National Commission on police officers. The gender disparity in how policethe Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW), Kalikasan, and work was allocated directly impacted opportunitiesother experts. With the expansion of the project, forpromotion,andcreatedasituationwheremoreCSOshavegotteninvolvedtocreatea womenwerenotabletodeveloptheirskillstonetwork of supportive organisations. This network ACHIEVING SDGs 4, 5 & 17: Ensuring police, and particularly policewomen, have access to training and skills development (targets 4.3, 4.4 4.5 and 4.b) Challenging and addressing gender-based discrimination in the police and supporting the promotion of women within the jm, aimed at improving womens leadership within the police force and ending gender-based violence and discrimination in the community (target 5.c) Creating a public-CSO partnership and multistakeholder network which included monitoring and accountability processes (target 17.16 and 17.17) 15'