b'See Solar, Cook Solar, Kinyaminagha School, Uganda - increasing school enrolment and reducing health risks for women, girls, and the community TheKinyaminaghaSchoolProject,MusasaProject,andwasimplemented proposedbySoroptimistInternationalefficiently,andontime.Anexcellent (SI) of Dunfermline, is located in Rwesero,relationshipwiththeHeadTeacher, Western Uganda and has bought benefitstogether with the use of existing, trusted to an estimated 687 school children, andsuppliers,helpedensureitssuccess. 300 community members. The commitment shown by suppliers to Commencing in April 2015, and originallysustainabilitywasevidentandfurther U G A N D A -designed to supply the school with solarenhanced the Project. K I N YA M I N A G H A poweredlighting,thesuccessoftheInMarch2017theschoolshowed Musasa School Project, led to expansion.significant educational and social benefits. Usingasimilarmodel,theschoolwasAll primary seven students had moved up provided with laptops, a water system andtothesecondaryschoolwithexcellent facilities for shared solar cooking. schoolresults.Enrolmentintheschool Astagedapproachwasimplemented,hadincreased,andreportsshowedthat withsolarpanelsprovidinglighttothebehaviour and focus was improved, due to whole school, enabling increased accessthe students spending more time in school toeducation.Thewatersupply,wash-less time outside school collectingwater, facilitiesandbio-sandfilterswerealsoand eating meals. Access to safe water and installed,withfulltrainingprovided.SIsanitationresultedinbetterhealthand partneredwithSunfireSolutions,wholess risk to cooks and students, and the heldsignificantexperienceofworkingshared cooking facilities had opened the inUganda,andparabolicsolarcookersdoor to new opportunities, creating space were selected, and backed-up with rocketto build relations with the community. stoves. Installation and training took placeCompletedinJuly2017,withaproject and was completed in July 2016. spendof28,831,theKinyaminagha KinyaminaghabenefitedfromtheSchoolProjectisclearlyachievingits experience gained in the delivery of theobjectivesforeducation,socialbenefits and environmental impact. Kinyaminagha School left and aboveHead teacher Teddy at her her graduationKinyaminagSchoolNEWS MAGAZINE 6 7'