b'Dear SoroptimistsThe solar panels were completed and everyI wish to thank Soroptimist International for having supported classroom is having light. Everyone is veryour school and below are the quick benefits:See Solar, Cook Solar, Papau New Guinea - improvinghappy. They took pictures in all steps, ofAcademic performance has increased. Last years we were health, access to sustainable energy and education forclassrooms, pupils and teachers and theygetting a lot of failures but last year all our P.7 children passed in promised they were going to send to you. Alldivision two and three. Our school children are no longer moving women, girls, and their communities learners, teachers, parents and all communitylong distance to the river but they just have water from tanks and members are very very happy for having light.also community members around are using this water for their After getting the solar panels I called a generaldifferent functions. Currently our P.7 Class is boarding due to the parents meeting and some community leaderssolar lights that we have.ThePapuaNewGuineaSolarLampsFourhundredsolarlanternswereattended. On their own and on my own behalf,The guidance and counseling room has helped us at school to Project was an extension to aSoroptimistdelivered at a cost of 2,274 to an estimatedthey requested me to send their appreciationhave a place to discuss girls issues. In the past we were using International(SI)ofBaysideProject,1,600 women, girls, and their communtiesto you. I wish you saw them physically and youa staff room where even male teachers would be there while Lighting the Way. Providing alternativein the Finschhafen and Huon Districts ofwould really see the happiness on their faces.counseling girl children. The soya beans that we planted are energy devices to women and childrenthe Morobe Province.P A P A U N E WSend our greetings to all friends. helping our school children with porridge. Some of our children invillagecommunitieswholackedThe Project commenced in June 2015 andG U I N E A Peninah Kabugho, Head Teacher,at school have computerknowledge. All school data is kept in access to electricity, the Project aimedwas completed in October the same year, Kinyaminagha School computer. Needy children have received underwear, bags, clothes tofacilitateimprovededucation,andonbudgetandontime.TheSIBaysideand sanitary pads which have helped them to stay in school. reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, socoordinator provided regular reports withThere is a friendship with other schools like the Kyamize, Rays thecommunitywereabletolivelifefeed-back from the community, reportingof Light, and Mughete primary schools. I shall send you more more sustainably.thatthelampshadenabledincreasedinformation and for the meantime I wish you all the best.Teddy Ithungu, Head Teacher, Musasa SchoolSIBaysideworkedontheprojectinaccesstoeducation,andallowedthe collaboration with SI Lae, Papau Newextensionofworkinghoursathealth Guinea,whodeliveredasituationcentres.analysis identifying many of the issuesAchievingitsobjectives,theProjectDuring my Presidential tenure, the management facedbythoselivinginruralareasincreased the use of sustainable solutions,of SI was challenging and complex with senior staff without access to electricity.A relianceadditionallyimpactingperceptionsofpositions vacant. The appointment of Global Executive ongatheringfirewoodwasnoted,assolarpowerwithinthecommunitiesDirector, Deborah Thomas in 2013 was a turning point to was the use and prohibitive cost ofpositively.and I would like to thank her and her team for their batteriesandkerosene,andtherisks and demands associated with this.Cooking with solar support and the critical undertaking of the role of SI, and its ability to deliver global advocacy and global communications. Input from the Directors, Officers and International Communications Manager Sarah Wilkin proving team work, skill and enthusiasm at its best.Early on in the See Solar, Cook Solar journey, I Above: Soroptimist Internationalwas fortunate that my club Secretary (Glasgow City, received this beautiful photograph ofUK), Elizabeth Jamieson, visited a project taking place Teddy, Head Teacher at Musasa School,in Fiji, and was the first Soroptimist to send back taken after recieving her Diploma in November 2015. Congratulations Teddy! photographs of Projects in action. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to each and every Soroptimist globally, for making this Appeal such a success. Ann GarvieAbove: School children were asked to show the uses of solar energy before and after their training session - Nearly 50% gave drying clothes as a use prior to the training - after the session - all gave cooking as a use of solar energy.NEWS MAGAZINE 12 NEWS MAGAZINE 13'