Soroptimist Social Isolation Friendship Group Sing the ‘Orange song’

by Chris Knight, SI Moreton North Inc. (SIMNI), SI Global Ambassador & Admin SI Social Isolation Friendship Group Facebook.

“From Austria to Australia the Sound of Music echoes from the small village of Krem along the Danube (80 km west of Vienna), to the seaside village of Deception Bay (30 km north of Brisbane), and all around the world, as Soroptimist Sisters collaborate and sing the ‘Orange song’ to raise awareness of the Elimination of All Forms of Violence during the 16 Days of Activism (25 Nov- 10 Dec 2020), and on the 25th Day of each month to Orange The World (UN Women).

The idea to write this song was a project sponsored by Soroptimist Club Krems Fidelitas who organised a crowdfunding campaign and thanks to the Kremser Raiffeisenbank, who assisted with sponsorship to finance the production of the song. The composer / singer song writer is Marcharie Stummer a very talented young musician and daughter of Soroptimist Regina Stummer who is a member of Soroptimist Club Krems Fidelitas and also a very talented musician and teacher of music. Marcharie is currently working on her first album and set up a crowd fundraiser. The Soroptimist Club Krems Fidelitas decided to support her by purchasing a “Songwriting 4 U” then the idea came for the song Orange The World. The song was officially launched on 25 November 2020, the UN International Day to Eliminate All Forms Of Violence by SI Club Krems Fidelitas President Elfriede Mayerhofer. The song has been enthusiastically supported by SI Austria Union President Eliette Thurn Valsassina-Zeiler and Clubs in Austria.

Above: Soroptimists sing the Orange Song to raise awareness for the Elimination of All Forms of Violence

Regina shared the link to the video on the SI Social Isolation Friendship Group Facebook Page and it was immediately shared with other Soroptimist Sisters across the five federations. Messages were also sent to Regina and Marcharie congratulating them both on a wonderful song. More connections were made and in a delightful interview via Zoom with Mother and Daughter Regina and Marcharie, Chris Knight discovers a true celebration of the benefits and the influence of music to make a positive change in the world.

When asked what inspired Marcharie to write the song, she shared that she has known many young girls who have experienced all forms of violence including mental and sexual abuse and that there is an increasing gender imbalance in trying to maintain respectful relationships. Marcharie wanted to let these young women and other women all around the world know they are not alone.

Some lyrics to the song include …. ‘we need a base to step on when the floor gets pulled out from under us …. we need a shield that stands strong when a truth turns out to be wrong …’ this is a wonderful example of engaging with the younger generations through technology and social media to use their voices and Stand Up For Women. Marcharie hopes that Soroptimist Clubs will adopt this song as an Anthem to use with their projects to Orange the World, and to raise funds for the SI President’s Appeal The Road to Equality … it is my hope that SI Clubs will adopt this song and use it to collaborate with the UN Women Orange the World campaign.

Marcharie currently works and lives in Vienna as a Radio Broadcaster making programmes that feature classical musical. She studied Musicology at the University of Vienna and completed her internship working in Archives. She hopes to expand her musical career to sing and perform at concerts and events and to continue to use her musical creativity to earn an income. Her mother Regina could not be more proud of her daughter, who has inherited her love of music and bringing enjoyment to others.”




*PDF of Lyrics HERE


  1. Chris Knight 1 month ago 10th December 2020

    When Soroptimist Sisters collaborate with each other around the world the beautiful song Orange brings both Light and Hope to those who have been affected by violence and it makes a strong commitment that We Stand Up For Woman. Thank you Marchaire and Regina for your kindness and musican gifts to the Women of the World. Namaste Chris Knight SIMNI / SI Social Isolation Friendship Group FB Admin

  2. Dorothy Elliott 1 month ago 14th December 2020

    Wonderful song. Gives out a forceful message.

  3. Patricia Johnson 3 weeks ago 5th January 2021

    I think the ‘Orange Song’ is amazing and the collection of clips to go with it are very inspiring. Congratulations. Wishing you all a wonderful year celebrating 100 years of ‘Soroptimists’ Tricia Johnson in China !!


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