Soroptimist Midwestern Region – true #WWLSoroptimists

by SI Advocacy Director Bev Bucur

During my first year as a Soroptimist, in 1993, I had the opportunity to meet three remarkable women, Marie-Jeanne Bosia-Bererat (Switzerland) then the incoming President of Soroptimist International, Anne Farrington (New Zealand) Soroptimist International Treasurer, and Dr. Jeannine Jacquemin, United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Representative from Paris when they stopped in Chicago after the SIA Biennial Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. Meeting these three Soroptimists opened the door to the International aspect of our work and I knew I would be a lifelong Soroptimist.

I am happy to say that the Midwestern Region (SIA) has always supported the Soroptimist International President’s Appeals. There has always been a balance with support of federation, local and international projects. In addition to asking members to make a donation on 10 December, the Midwestern Region has supported the President’s Appeal in many creative ways. Some of the Region’s fundraising ideas include raffles, sales, and dollar auctions.

Why is this President’s Appeal important?

Photo: A handmade quilt was raffled raising $350 for the SI President’s Appeal

Photo: Two Soroptimist Dream Dolls raised $700 for the SI President’s Appeal

Midwestern Region Governor (2018-2020), Kris Armstrong says, “Access to water is often dependent on land rights, which may be restricted based on gender. As climate change continues to impact water availability and quality, access to water becomes even more important for the health and well being of women and their families. Supporting the Women, Water and Leadership appeal gives me the opportunity to be proactive in the race to provide sustainable solutions”.

At Spring Conference, April 2018, Governor (2016-2018), Vivian Walczsky, auctioned a diamond necklace raising about $1,000 for the President’s Appeal. A handmade quilt made by members of Dawn Marie Lemonds church was also raffled, raising another $350 for the President’s Appeal. At District Meetings two Soroptimist Dream Dolls auctioned at dollar raffles, raising almost $700. The dolls are made by Soroptimist, Activist, and Author, Dr. Nina Smart from Camino Real Region in California.

Vivian Walczesky says, Water IS life especially for women and girls and supporting the PA makes perfect sense. Soroptimists worldwide should continue to support the PA for that very reason”.

What can you do to support the President’s Appeal?


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