SI Voices Webinars – Session 3 CSW66

Womens Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work

Webinar Session 3 – The  CSW Review Theme – 5 March, 2022, 7 PM London

Advances in technology have forever changed our lives and the the nature of work, deepening already existing inequalities between and within societies. Women and girls face significant gender gaps in labour force, positions in leadership, income, pensions and social protection. Structural barriers to women’s economic empowerment throughout their life cycle in have created barriers to women reaching their full potential.  What are the solutions? How can we prepare women and girls to meet the challenges of the changing nature of work in the 21st Century?

Join us to learn about some of the solutions and hear the stories of two women who have met the challenges.


Maureen Maguire – Soroptimist International President: Introduction

Leigh Ellwood-Brown – Soroptimist International Advocacy Director: Moderator


Maria Fornella – SI United Nations Representative, New York: The Gender Pay Gap and Social Protection

Berthe de Vos – SI UN Representative Geneva: ILO 190/ A Workplace Without Violence

Beverly Bucur – International Advocacy Advisor: Education for 21st Century Jobs

Dr. Elizabeth Peterson – Educator, Soroptimist: Nuclear Engineering Programme Management

Dr. Elena Pinetti – Physicist, President of Soroptimist Net Lead Club, Milano: Theoretical Astroparticle Physics and Dark Matter.

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