SI Oral Statement CSW62

Oral statements at CSW62 may be delivered by a limited number of NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC. Preference is given to NGOs speaking about the priority theme or review theme, on behalf of groups of organizations, caucuses, or coalitions.

Today, 21 March SI Advocacy Manager, Caroline Mulligan read the Oral Statement on behalf of Soroptimist International.

Photo: SI Advocacy Manager, Caroline Mulligan reading the NGO Oral Statement at CSW62 21 March 2018


Soroptimist International Oral Statement 21 March 2018

Soroptimist International advocates education as a powerful driver of sustainable development and a critical tool for empowering individuals and their communities, especially in rural areas. When implementing the sustainable development goals, a unified and integrated approach is required due to the cross-cutting nature of the goals, especially in relation to gender equality.

Rural women and girls are often unable to access education due to an array of underlying root causes, which must be tackled through clear policies and commitments from government institutions, working hand in hand with CSO/ NGOs, who, are often able to provide situation-specific educational interventions in challenging and remote situations.

Please click HERE to view the full Oral Statement





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