SI in Geneva

The SI Leadership Development Committee’s (LDC) purpose is to provide training for SI Directors, Position Holders and potential postholders. We aim to empower SI Directors to meet their governance responsibilities, enable SI Position Holders to be fully informed and to attract informed Soroptimists to apply for SI posts.

As we know through our Soroptimist Programme of Service: education is the tool of empowerment. The SI theme is Soroptimists Educate to Lead’. The SI LDC work will ‘Educate Soroptimists to Lead’.

In the coming biennium (2017 – 2019), the SI LDC will provide webinars, and resources (e.g. recorded interviews, PowerPoints) on what SI does, especially at the UN Centres, in preparation for CSW, and issues that relate to the SI mission to transform the lives and status of women and girls. They will be available for all Soroptimists to use in their advocacy, project or membership activities.

A register of Soroptimists interested in attending webinars will be developed.

Wilfrida Hendrickx, the Centre Contact for SI UN Representatives in Geneva outlines the work done in Geneva. Her presentation was originally delivered at the SI Board meeting in July 2017, Rotterdam.



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