SI Future African Federation Conference 2018

The 2018 Soroptimist International Future African Federation (SIFAF) Conference will take place at the Hotel El Andalous Lounge and Spa, Marrakesh, Morocco, from 20th to 22nd of April, 2018, with the inspiring theme of Together We Can.

SI President, Mariet Verhoef Cohen is focused on making SIFAF a reality by January 2020 and the conference will play a critical role in establishing where SIFAF stands, what it wants to achieve and how it is going to achieve this.



The theme of Together We Can resonates with SIFAF Programme Action and project work. There are many examples of project work where SIFAF Clubs have led the way in terms of taking action and advocating for change to educate, empower and enable women and girls to reach their fullest potential.

Image courtesy of Conférence de la Future Fédération d’Afrique SIFAF 2016 and Parany Ramananarivo

SIFAF Taskforce Chairperson, Nneka Chris-Asoluka says: “It is with a sense of excitement, honor and privilege that I invite you to the 4th All Africa Soroptimist Clubs Conference taking place in Marrakech, Morocco from 20th to 22nd of April, 2018.

Marrakesh is Morocco’s second largest city (after Casablanca) and is the administrative hub of southern Morocco. The real magic of the city can be found in its cosmopolitan atmosphere and magnificent location. Behind Marrakesh, the impressive peaks of the Atlas mountain range stretch towards the sky and are covered in snow during the winter. The conference theme, ‘Together We Can’, was chosen to encourage all of us to lead the way in terms of growing our organisation and securing its future.

Image courtesy of Conférence de la Future Fédération d’Afrique SIFAF 2016 and Parany Ramananarivo

I believe that the future of SIFAF is every member’s responsibility, and that we ALL have a leadership role to play in securing its future. Members of the Task Force, Country Ambassadors, Regional or Club Officers cannot do it alone. We must ALL play our part in attracting (and retaining) today’s women to our Organisation.

Join us for this unique once in two years event as we come together to chart a course in founding a new Federation, whilst celebrating our common and diverse heritage. ‘African Women Arise’.”  

Find out more information about the conference by clicking HERE


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