Soroptimist International Foundation OLD

Delivering short, medium and long-term projects internationally for women and girls.

Step into a new chapter of impact with the Soroptimist International Foundation.

By establishing this Charitable Trust, we have expanded our ability to fund projects and initiatives which align with our Mission. With a focus on education, poverty prevention and human rights, we strive to foster positive change and create a more inclusive world.

Your support, whether through donations or legacy gifts, has the power to change lives and build a better world for all.

What changes with the Soroptimist International Foundation?

With the establishment of the Soroptimist International Foundation, SI will no longer have an International President’s Appeal. The SI President will lead the Foundation, raising awareness of projects and promoting fundraising through grants, member giving, and legacies. Being awarded charitable status confirms the integrity and intentions of Soroptimist International Foundation, increasing Soroptimist International’s public profile and reinforces the organisation’s reputation as a force for good in the world.

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For the next five years, the SI Foundation will fund projects with a focus on the following three SI Objectives:

  • the advancement of education
  • the relief and/or prevention of poverty
  • the advancement of human rights, peace, equality and diversity

Current SI Foundation projects


Expression of Interest Form | Word Doc | 210kb

Guidance Notes | Word Doc | 1mb

Frequently Asked Questions | PDF

Grant Application Form | Word Doc | 210kb

Expression of Interest Scoring Sheet | Word Doc | 245kb

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Member donations to the SI President’s Appeal will be transferred to the Soroptimist International Foundation (registered in England and Wales 1194895), which has been set up to maximise opportunities for SI’s work around the world.


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