SI CSW Webinar One and Two

Two successful SI CSW Webinars were held during recent weeks, designed to explore the Commission on the Status of Women – discussing many associated topics, including what to expect when visiting the annual event, and giving detailed information and knowledge, with Webinar two also offering the opportunity to ask questions to the SI United Nations Representatives in New York.

With the sixty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) just days away, and over 90 Soroptimist delegates getting ready to make their way to the United Nations Headquarters, both recorded Webinars, part one and part two, are now available to watch here on the SI website.

Part One

Please see below to view Webinar Part One – ‘CSW – An Introduction’, with Past SI Programme Director, Hilary Ratcliffe and Past SI Director of Advocacy, Pat Black.

Part Two

SI Advocacy Director, Beverly Bucur and the UN Representatives from New York, Bette Levy, Marie D’Amato Rizzi, Sandy Hecker, Frances Zainoeddin, Barbara Rochman, and Vanesa Treers, join together for ‘How to Make the Most of Your Time at CSW62’. 

Watch the Webinar below.

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