President’s Post: October 3rd Soroptimist Friendship Day

Dear Soroptimists,

Today, it is Soroptimist International Club Friendship Day. Or should we simply call it: Soroptimist Friendship Day. The 3rd October 1921, is the day the first club of Soroptimist International was founded.

Friendship is one of the pillars for Soroptimists. Soroptimists want the best for women and girls and through friendship to each other and to women and girls worldwide we can achieve this. Through dedicating our time and our friendship we fight for gender equality, for education for all, so that women and girls are empowered, educated and provided the opportunities they deserve to have a better life.

Supporting projects, organizing events, working together and being friendly can lead to real friendship. I have certainly made more friends within my international Soroptimist network than in any other area. And I know this is the case for many Soroptimists. Wishing you all the richness of Soroptimist friendship at all levels: friendship with your club members and with your regional and Union members, with your friendship links and with the worldwide membership. Friendships can start at national and international congresses and conventions, meetings, events, activities and work conferences or friendships through activities of local and international projects.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

With this short message, I would like to encourage you to work together in friendship for our Soroptimist mission and vision so that we’ll achieve the best for women and girls.

Have a wonderful day!

Mariet Verhoef-Cohen

SI President



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