I want to build a school

I want to build a school. A blog by Sian Kent, SI Bangor and District in North Wales. “I want to build a school" – these were words spoken by Albert Mwansa (a local teacher), as he stood on a bare hill overlooking the village of Mkushi in Central Province,

Soroptimists In Malta

The SIGBI 2016 Conference took place over the course of three days – 10-12 November 2016, and what a Conference it was. Here Pat Black reports for us from Malta, a place of sunshine, Soroptimist friendship and inspired key note speakers. “Always an amazing, stimulating, challenging and informative experience; add

Is Wonder Woman really that wonderful?

Is Wonder Woman really that wonderful? Blog by SI UN Representative Bette Levy. “Everybody got really fired up following the startling announcement from the UN which came right on the heels of the appointment of Mr Guterres as Secretary-General, that Wonder Woman was to be named the Honorary Ambassador of

SI President visits Soroptimists in Singapore

by Soroptimist International President, Yvonne Simpson “There are two active Soroptimist clubs in Singapore and I was fortunate to spend quality time with both. On Saturday 23 April I joined Soroptimists from SI Singapore and visited its project supporting the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home). The law states that

Soroptimists and 'HOME' helping migrant workers in Singapore

Soroptimists work with the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) to help migrant workers in Singapore "Singapore, as in many countries in Asia and the Middle-East, is heavily reliant on a foreign labour force economic growth. Out of the 1.3 million migrant workers in Singapore as of 2014, the bulk

Day Ten The Role of Youth

  “The power of self-realized young women is immense” – Lakshmi Puri  Action by young people in their own communities is vital in ridding societies of deeply entrenched ideals, behaviours and perceptions that lead to gender violence. “The cliché is true - young people are our future. We have to

Advocating for Women's Rights

  Caroline Leach is Soroptimist International's International Assistant Programme Director, and lives in California, USA. In this SoroptiVoice blog, she shares her experiences in meeting club members and about the importance of Soroptimists' networks in SI's advocacy work. "Soroptimist International is a movement close to 80,000 strong. We never know

UNESCO International Conference of NGOs: Soroptimists speak on Water and Development

International President Ann Garvie, and International Programme Director, Hilary Ratcliffe, joined SI UN Representatives Marie-Christine Gries de la Barbelais and Rina Dupriet at UNESCO in Paris for the International Conference of NGOs, 15-17 December. The message from the conference was clear – NGO must ensure that governments ‘Think Global, Act

Stopping Human Trafficking in its Tracks

By Soroptimist International of Singapore member, Sri Ranjini Mei Hua "On 5th November 2014, Wednesday, more than 30 men and women, of various ages, and from different walks of life, responded to a call - it was a call to end violence against women and girls around the world. The

16 Days – Day Eleven: Stereotypes

"We, as Soroptimists, are a valuable resource in achieving the empowerment of women and girls. Individually and collectively we are able to enact changes in our daily lives, in our families and in our communities. But the world is still plagued by unacceptable harmful traditions and practices such as child


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