Lights, Camera, Action!

This week's SoroptiVoice Blog is from Anusha Santhirasthipam, our new International Assistant Programme Director. How to we go from "the world's best kept secret" to an international blockbuster? Read on... When I walked up to the podium to speak at the International Convention in Montreal, I had with me a

World Breastfeeding Week

August 1 – 7: World Breastfeeding Week Breastfeeding... the forgotten natural behavior          Breastfed babies are healthy and happy babies                                           Sarah (3 ½ months) and Fiona (7 ½ months) now 26 and 23 respectively                                                                                                    Julie Marsaban is a founding member of SI Jakarta

SIPP Brings Cambodian Women Smiles and Hope

This week's SoroptiVoice Blog comes from Sarvina Kang, 24, from Cambodia. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Development Management at Norton University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She joined the SIPP since June 2010 before the chartered day on July 4th 2010.  Here she describes SI Phnom Pehn's breast cancer awareness

Literacy for Life

This week's SoroptiVoice Blog comes from Helen Owen, SIGBI Assistant Programme Director for Education. Helen is a member of SI Runcorn, Frodsham and District in the UK. Here she talks about the importance of supporting International Literacy Day and projects which support literacy in countries and communities where this vital

Maternal Mortality: "I would've died… twice"

Julie Marsaban is an Independent Health Promotion Consultant with over 20 years experience in the field of maternal and child health. She was the Communications and Gender Advisor to the Special Presidential Envoy on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the President of the Republic of Indonesia until her recent relocation

Water is a Human Right

This week's SoroptiVoice comes from Ruth Dodd, SIGBI's Assistant Programme Director for the Environment. Ruth joined SI in 1997 and is a member of Amber Valley Club in Derbyshire, England. Here she talks about the challenge of global water shortages and what Soroptimists can do to help. It's World Environment

Today is International Day of the Midwife

International Day of the Midwife 5 May 2011 Over 340,000 women die each year in childbirth, with millions more suffering infection and disability as a result of preventable maternal causes.  UN agencies, the WHO and a host of civil society organisations, including Soroptimist International, are committed to addressing maternal mortality

Investing in Women is Smart Economy

This weeks guest blogger is Ulrike Neubert, SIE's Programme Director.  "Investing in women is smart economy" - here she reflects upon this statement and the need to empower women economically as well as socially. 'Investing in women is smart economy": This is a statement which was first circulated by the world bank and has


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