Nairobi Central – The Chartering of a New Club with Forty Soroptimists

A blog by Soroptimist Jan-Pieter Verhoef

“We are in Nairobi, Kenya and celebrated the inauguration of the new Nairobi Central club – forty new Soroptimists have joined the organisation. The weekend began on Friday with the launch of My Book Buddy at the Kawethei Primary School in Kangundo, Machakos County. Here the school was presented with a library case for each of the nine classrooms.


Every child can borrow and read one book per week, take it home and have the opportunity to bring the joy of literacy home to the family. Official guests from Local, County and National government joined the celebrations, held at the beautiful Tamarind Tree Hotel. The day started with the official Constitutive Assembly where all members were introduced. The forty new Soroptimists are of all ages and from a variety of professions including, administrators, teachers, nurses and lawyers, women in business and public health, and women in Agribusiness, doctors, fashion designers and more! The new club has attracted youth professionals below 35 years of age, with the youngest being 24 years old. Notably, one of the young Soroptimists, Ms. Gloria Minage is an educationist/teacher and author, who has published work for grades 1-3. During the club building process, everyone was made aware of the workings of the organisation, from club level through to Soroptimist International.

The Charter Ceremony took place later that afternoon in the presence of numerous guests. The Charter was presented by Anna Wszelaczynska, the Soroptimist International of Europe President, with Soroptimist International President, Mariet Verhoef-Cohen also in attendance. All new members received their Soroptimist pin from President Anna. This was a wonderful event and singing and dancing took place throughout the ceremony. Kenyans cannot sit still when there is music, I found out!

The Charter Dinner was something else! All new members were dressed in white and many beautifully dressed guests could be admired. There were several official speakers, with SI President Mariet giving her address, together with the representative of Rotary International, and with Her Excellency, Agrina Mussa, High Commissioner and Permanent Representative of the Malawi Mission to the United Nations Environment Programme and UN-HABITAT. H.E. Mussa became a Soroptimist on the spot! There were beautiful presents for the guests and I myself received a Kenya-red polo shirt.

The dinner was perfect – local food, various grilled dishes, and tasteful vegetables. Kenya cuisine at its best. However, the best part was still to come: Dancing is something else in Africa. Everyone seemed tireless and the music was fantastic. It went on and on. I learned some new moves, but the next day I paid the price, stiffness all over. But it was worth it. The new club has arrived into the world with a BANG. Finally a great thank you to Mary Muia. Not only has she worked tirelessly during the last years in grooming the new club and its members as the godmother, but together with Walter, they have also constructed the bookcases for the My Book Buddy project.



  1. Sally Currin 4 months ago 5th November 2019

    An inspiration and encouragement to join the Soroptimist Sisterhood.
    Thank you for sharing the event with those who could not attend – we can smell, hear, taste and visualize the celebrations.

  2. Bhaswati Biswas, Sigbi Friendship Link Coordinator 4 months ago 6th November 2019

    Forty members in one go.
    Incredible! I wish the new club SI Nairobi Central the very best as they embark on a new journey. I am sure they will be able to make a difference into the lives of disadvantaged women & girls. The African clubs have done some worthy projects and I am sure Nairobi Central will follow their footsteps.

  3. Mwakha Catherine 4 months ago 6th November 2019

    That was lovely, i looked at it nostalgically,

  4. Catherine Omanyo 4 months ago 6th November 2019

    Excellent.. I want o join.. I met more soroptist in New York city last year at UN…

  5. jennie levick SI Hallamshire SIGBI 4 months ago 6th November 2019

    congratulations to the new Club

  6. Laxmi Parasuraml 4 months ago 7th November 2019

    Wonderful News! Exciting that a new continent has joined us. The new club will bring us the much awaited rejuvenation and extension! God Bless our SI international! Laxmi Parasuram from South Kolkata

  7. Darlene Washington 4 months ago 7th November 2019

    Love to all. God bless each of you as you embark on the journey of empacting the lives of Women and girls.

  8. Helen Akinyi 4 months ago 8th November 2019

    I am really excited to be part of this noble initiative and looking forward to making a difference in our society. Thank you all friends and relatives who supported SINC in one way or another. Long live Soroptimsts. For the great ladies out there who are yet to make up their minds, I assure you that your contribution will not be in vain. Feel welcome.

  9. June Omollo 4 months ago 11th November 2019

    Lovely to see the paradigm shift in age and membership. Young and new look indeed. Congratulations to the new club.

  10. Lucy Waithaka 4 months ago 12th November 2019

    How does one join the club

    • Mary Muia 2 months ago 2nd January 2020

      Ann Waithaka you ca get in touch with me and i will introduce you to become a member.

  11. Catherine 3 weeks ago 6th February 2020

    Would like to join the Soroptomist International Nairobi.
    Plis advice accordingly.


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