Message from the SI President

Greetings to Soroptimists around the world,

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank those who have spent so many hours preparing for CSW64. SI was better prepared than ever before with side events, parallel events, opportunities for meetings, advocacy training, the SI reception and of course social events galore with sisters from around the world.  We have continued to increase our global advocacy voice over the years and are so disappointed we could not execute our plans in New York during these weeks of CSW64.

In addition to New York, meetings have been cancelled or postponed in Bangkok, Geneva, Rome, and Vienna. We will continue to monitor the situation and collaborate with other like-minded NGOs to ensure that Civil Society is included and our voice is heard.

Many Soroptimist events worldwide are under review and many are turning to virtual events to accommodate the desire to continue our work. Soroptimist International is also working to increase the delivery of information virtually.

These are unprecedented times and I hope that all of you and your loved ones remain in good health as COVID-19 moves through all corners of our world.


Be safe

Sharon Fisher

Further information on CSW64 can be found HERE

The CSW64 Political Declaration can be found HERE

CSW64 News (to date) HERE




  1. Rayner 2 years ago 16th March 2020

    Thank you President Sharon and keep safe everyone. We are Soroptimists and we will prevail.

  2. Alice Owuor 2 years ago 16th March 2020

    Thank you President Sharon for your words of encouragement especially in these difficult times. We remain positive that all will be well soon and we shall then continue with our activities to impact lives in our communities.

    All the best,

    Alice Owuor

  3. Joy Swank 2 years ago 16th March 2020

    Thank you President Sharon for all your hard work and efforts. I am concerned for all the women we serve and others of course. So proud to be a Soroptimist.

  4. Anthonia Okoli 2 years ago 17th March 2020

    It is disappointing but right decision to make

  5. Lynne Tedik 2 years ago 17th March 2020

    THank you for the encouragement.

  6. Carol Wright 2 years ago 19th March 2020

    Thank you President Sharon we value your comments and encouragement. May everyone stay strong, safe and well.


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