b'advocacyVIENNA BANGKOKOur work at the UN in Vienna focuses on CrimeTheresa Devashayam represents SI at the and Crime Prevention as they affect womenCommission for the Asia Pacific (ESCAP). In and girls through conferences sponsored by2021, Theresa attended three meetings, the first The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimebeing held in April 2021. This dealt with economic (UNODC). We annually attend the Commissionrecovery strategies of countries in the Asia Pacific on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justiceregion, particularly in relation to marginalised (CCPCJ) and Conference of the Parties to the UNpeople, including all women and girls. The Convention Against Transnational Organizedsecond meeting was organised by the ILO Crime. We also attended the United Nationsfocusing on ILO C 190, and the third, organised Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)by United Nations Development Programme Conference focusing on the rights of women in(UNDP), and the United Nations Department of the workforce. Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), focused 2021 was a busy year for our team in Vienna,on the digital economy and how governments starting with the Kyoto Crime Congress whichmight help women tap into the digital world in was rescheduled from the previous year. Theresponse to shifts in the global economy. Theresa 14th Crime Congress, held in Kyoto, Japanis an expert in older persons and food security.had the overall theme of Advancing crime prevention, criminal justice and the rule of law:PARIStowards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. The event was attended in person by SoroptimistIn 2021 UNESCO celebrated its 75th Anniversary. International of the Americas (SIA) President,SI joined Rotary International, the International Kazuko Morita, with our team in Vienna,Council of Organizations of Folklore, Festivals and Representatives from the US attendingand Folk Arts (CIOF), for an anniversary event virtually. SI President, Sharon Fisher delivered afocused on our work at UNESCO. Sharon Fisher, statement virtually. SI President, and Beverly Bucur, SI Advocacy The 30th session of CCPCJ took place 17-21 MayDirector gave presentations, whilst Marie 2021 with the theme of smuggling of migrants.Christine Gries coordinated and moderated the Soroptimist International co-sponsored a sideevent. event about the environmental factors thatThe 12th International Forum of NGOs took trigger migration. place in December 2021 and Beverly Bucur Our UN Representatives in Vienna assumedparticipated in Thematic Session 2, on Global leadership roles, with Martina Gredler as SecondCitizenship. Presenting the importance of Vice-President of CoNGO, Marion Prechtl,preparing girls to lead, Beverly highlighted Treasurer of the Sustainable Developmenttwo projects from the 2020-2021 SI Presidents Committee, and Christine Peer as First ViceAppeal. Evelyne Para delivered a statement President of NGO-CSW Vienna Developmentat the Plenary Session of the 41st Session of Committee, and Christine Peer as First ViceUNESCOs General Conference, and Soroptimist President of NGO-CSW Vienna.Ayushi Kundu co-chaired the working group on the inclusion of youth. The group wrote a guide for the inclusion of youth in advocacy entitled Building Toward a Sustainable Future Using Synergies.soroptimistinternational.org 13'