‘Exploring the Soroptimist Road to Equality’

Webinar Detail: ‘Exploring the Soroptimist Road to Equality’! 

Date: 20 August, 2020

Time: 10:00 am PDT / 6:00 pm BST, 7 pm CEST, for a webinar “Exploring the Soroptimist Road to Equality”!

Introduction: Join us 20 August 2020, for the first in a wonderful new series of webinars from Soroptimist International. In the first of the series we will share details of the 2019-2021 SI Presidents Appeal, ‘The Road to Equality’ and how COVID-19 is impacting women and girls, many of whom are already vulnerable. The webinar will give insight into current projects underway, and information regarding how members and clubs can take action and support the appeal, becoming advocates for change!


Webinar times for your convenience: 10:00 AM Vancouver; 13:00 PM Philadelphia; 18:00 PM London; 19:00 PM Geneva ; 20:00 PM Nairobi ; 21st August 03:00 AM Sydney *


  1. Anthia Hinson 5 months ago 21st August 2020

    Attended the Webinar would love to know the name of the Speaker who spoke about her work in Nairobi

    • Colleen Penrowley 5 months ago 25th August 2020

      The speaker was Khayanga Wasike of SI Eldoret.

  2. Dede Olson 5 months ago 24th August 2020

    Where can I go to to see a recording of this webinar as I was unavailable to attend that day…??

    • Sarah Wilkin 5 months ago 24th August 2020

      HI Dede The recording will be available later today on the SI website, our Youtube Channel and we will post a link on Facebook.

  3. Marie D'Amato-Rizzi 5 months ago 26th August 2020

    I am having trouble finding the video on this website ir the you tube channel. Can you provide a link? Thank you.


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