A Closer Look at Leadership Part Three – SI UN Reps Nairobi

The United Nations Office in Nairobi focuses on environmental issues and covers the work of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Environmental issues became prominent in 1972, after the Stockholm Conference, which led to the establishment of UNEP in 1973. SI’s UN Representatives in Nairobi Alice Odingo and Rose Mwangi, focus on issues such as rural women, disaster risk reduction, and the effects of climate change on women and girls. All the SDGs are linked to the environment and it is not possible to achieve the SDGs without taking care of climate change; the impacts have clear gender differentials.

Perfectly placed to make a difference, Soroptimists Alice and Rose are both greatly concerned about the achievement of the gender targets specified in the SDGs. Their direct action in Nairobi, advocating and lobbying for the rights of women and girls on behalf of SI, inspires other Soroptimists to take action to make the world better, now and in future. In Nairobi, Soroptimist International is the only women’s organisation in that standing represented at UNEP.

Alice is also a member of the Women Major Group (WMG) Alternate Facilitating Committee and NGO Major Group Organizing Partner, Global South. At the UN Environment in Nairobi, 2017 is an important year as the third UN Environment Assembly (UNEA 3) will take place 4 – 6 December, where decisions will be made on different issues related to the environment that continue to shape the future. The theme for UNEA 3 is ‘Pollution Free Planet: Delivering a Deal to Detoxify the World’.

Watch an inspiring interview with Alice and Rose talking about their leadership roles at the UN Nairobi.

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