DPI/NGO Conference: On the Road to Rio+20

The third day of DPI/NGO opened with a round table on “Sustainable Development Governance: Issues from Local to Global”. The focus was on the role of citizen participation and much of the discussion spoke directly to the experience of civil society organisations and NGOs. Thierno Kane from the Open Society

DPI/NGO Conference: "Green is the New Brown"

The second day of DPI NGO opened with a roundtable on Green Economy and Poverty Eradication. In particular, the roundtable focussed on the green economy through the lens of climate change, and what this means for poverty eradication and economic growth in both the global north and the global south.

Soroptimist Review: Progress of the World's Women 2011: In Pursuit of Justice

Every three years, UN Women (previously UNIFEM) produces a report looking at a particular aspect of gender equality and women’s rights.  This year, the report looks at legal systems through the eyes women, exploring ways in which women still experience discrimination, rights violations, and barriers in access, but also ways

SIA Welcomes New Executive Director

SIA welcomes Elizabeth M. Lucas of Lake Bluff, Illinois, as its new executive director. She replaces SIA’s long time executive director, Leigh Wintz, who has assumed a full-time position as Principal Consultant with Tecker International.   Lucas comes to SIA with a diverse professional background. Her experience includes 15 years

SI Receives Letter of Thanks from UN Women

Soroptimist International Past President Hanne Jensbo has received a letter of thanks from UN Women, recognising the work of SI and the Danish Union in supporting the former UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). "In these historic moments that hold great promist for women, as the UN Entity for Gender

Update Report from the Working Group on Ageing

At the start of the month, we reported from the Working Group on Ageing. Here is a follow up report from our UN Representative in New York, Carol Themm. Throughout the four days of the working group on ageing, the focus kept returning to the legal gaps which exist in all

Youth, Dialogue and Understanding

At the end of July, our UN Rep in New York attended a High Level Meeting on Youth as part of the UN Year of Youth. Carol Themm reports back. The General Assembly held a high Level meeting on youth with 60 international speakers from government and civil society to

UN International Day of Worlds Indigenous Peoples 2011 – 9 August

Read a message from Soroptimist Chris Knight in celebration of The International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples To all our SI Indigenous Members and Friends I wish you a great day of celebrations. Today is the UN designated day to celebrate the International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples.


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