An Inspiring Story and a Cautionary Tale

A blog by SI UN Representative, New York, Marie D’Amato-Rizzi

Social Protection Systems and Access to Public Services in the Fight against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

“During this CSW side event, two panelists really caught my attention.  The first was inspiring; the second was an eye-opener.

Photo: SI UN Representative, New York, Marie D’Amato-Rizzi speaking at the SI CSW63 Orientation event.

Dr. Lourdes Green spoke about her work with victims of human trafficking.  She volunteered at a shelter for abused women and saw that the women kept going back to their abuser because they were financially dependent.  She decided to do something about that and founded the first and only employment service for victims of human trafficking in the US—Second Chance Employment Services.  They work with shelters, faith based organizations, social service agencies to identify clients.  The agency works with 200 companies that give first priority placement to these women.  These are not minimum wage jobs.  She cited salaries from $32,000/year and up.

The Hon. Lisa McCord (Canada) spoke about how we all think that human trafficking is something that happens in other countries and to other people.  But she cautioned that it can happen to young girls from the best of homes and even in the most affluent communities.  It can be  the girl next door.  She gave the example of a young teenage girl from an affluent family (father was a judge).  Every time she had a disagreement with her parents, she posted her unhappiness on social media.  Recruiters troll social media looking for this sort of thing.  They then befriended the girl, gained her confidence, and you all know the rest of this story”.


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