A journey of discovery

By SI Director of Advocacy, Bev Bucur

I am proposing during this period of uncertainty and change that we take the time – a commodity we never have enough of – to learn more and get in touch with the SI Advocacy work, and the grassroots projects taking place far and wide.

My proposal is that you join us on a Soroptimist Safari. Board the bus and the destination? The Soroptimist International website: www.soroptimistinternational.org

Stop 1: Did you know we have 20 UN representatives in 7 locations? Can you find the locations, the names of the reps and what the focus of their work is?


Stop 2: Blogs and news. Check out the latest blogs from our advocacy team, members, and guest writers and learn about our work around the world.


Stop 3: Reports. Did you know the Soroptimist International Report and the See Solar Cook Solar President’s Appeal reports can be found on the SI website? Can you find them? They are a great resource to share with your friends and family.


Stop 4: SI Members section (top right hand button on the main homepage). Check out the resources available there. Everything you need to share Soroptimist International information.


Stop 5: Also in the SI Members Area is the SI Recommended Reading section. Here you will find enough resources to keep you reading through April and beyond. Check often, there is always something new!


…and here is how you get your ticket for the next journey, which you won’t want to miss!!

Sign up to receive the SI Global Voice (also on the homepage down the bottom of the page). I will be watching and hope to see the number of subscribers go up!

In Soroptimist Service”

Bev Bucur

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