2020 – Next Step on the Journey towards Equality

Dear Soroptimists

“Happy New Year to you all!

The value of any social movement is having everyone moving in the same direction toward common goals. We can be the messenger that brings the complex global issues facing women and girls into focus and aligns them with the programme work of Soroptimist International (SI).

We all share the dream for Soroptimists to be a voice for gender equality, and as we Educate, Empower and Enable women and girls, we can realise a better future for all. I believe we are stronger together – working in harmony at all levels will strengthen our Clubs, Federations and organisation, to meet the challenges that we will face.

We know that education is key to removing barriers for women and girls, and yet often access to education can be negatively affected by gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices, conflict, disaster, and climate issues. Violence not only has negative consequences for women and girls, but also for their families, the community, and the country at large.

There is much work to do and also lots to celebrate in the next two years, including:

  1. Increasing our profile by collaborating with other organisations;
  2. Completing the dream of chartering the Africa Federation;
  3. Celebrating 100 years of service;
  4. Filling the buses to travel the ‘Road to Equality’;
  5. Supporting the work of our dedicated Advocacy Team;
  6. Increasing and maximising communications to Federations and Members;
  7. Launching the next century of Soroptimist International!


A warm welcome to 2020 and I look forward to our mutual cooperation in meeting our goals, fulfilling the dreams of women and girls, and sharing fun and laughter with Soroptimist friends.

Thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to show their support for the new SI President’s Appeal ‘The Road to Equality’, there is so much more to come.

You can read an introduction to the Appeal HERE

And catch up with all the latest news stories in the members pages HERE

The world is changing and change creates opportunities for the issues we are passionate about. I am excited to join you as we engage in the possibilities”.


SI President 2020-2021 Sharon Fisher






  1. Elizabeth Gallagher 3 months ago 6th January 2020

    Thank you very much Sharon, I am looking forward to the challenge and to your leadership.

    • Margaret clarke 3 weeks ago 17th March 2020

      We look forward to progressing the SI message of Equality for All and the Road to Equality. Very best wishes Sharon. As president elect Midland Chase SIGBI I will carry your banner high.

  2. Margaret K-J Baker 2 months ago 31st January 2020

    I look forward to meeting you at UNCSW!

    Shantee Baker
    SI El Cerrito

  3. Gerald Nasasira 2 months ago 2nd February 2020

    Thank you so much. I look forward to establish a cooperation with my community of women and Girls in Uganda.
    Gerald Nasasira


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