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SI President’s Message: New Year 2017

In a heartfelt message, Soroptimist International President 2015-2017, Yvonne Simpson extends greetings to Soroptimists across 133 countries and territories, together with partners and associates of the global volunteer movement. Yvonne Simpson takes this moment to wish all a wonderful 2017 and looks forward to working together to make a difference



Yvonne Simpson from the Federation of South West Pacific, took up her post as Soroptimist International President 2015-2017 at the Soroptimist International 20th Convention in Istanbul, July 2015. A member of SI Westland, New Zealand since 1996, Yvonne shows remarkable commitment to actively improving the lives of women and girls. On Human Rights Day 2015, Yvonne launched the SI President’s Appeal 2015-2017 ‘Educate To Lead Nepal, building on her lifelong professional commitment to education and leadership.

Yvonne Simpson says: “Being President gives me, an ordinary Soroptimist member, the extraordinary opportunity to channel my energies, my skills and my passion into contributing to a better world. It is a huge privilege to hold such a position and a huge responsibility to carry it well”.



SI President’s Appeal 2015-2017

By uniting the four Soroptimist Federations, ‘Educate to Lead: Nepal’ is able impact the lives of over 1,000 women and girls in Nepal.

Educate to Lead Nepal

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International Women’s Day

8th March 2017
Economic Empowerment for Women
Planet 50:50 by 2030

International Women's Day

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